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The importance of finding a good dining partner.

To me, eating is one of the most delectable things someone can do. It is a whole sensory experience…..it can be magical. In my opinion there are 2 types of dinners: people to share their food and want to taste what other people ordered and those who know what they want and they are not willing to share. I personally like diner number one. That’s why everyone needs to find a good dinning partner.

A good candidate for a good dining partner is someone that shares the same foodie taste and is willing to share or split a meal with you. When each of you order a meal and you split it, you can maximize your ability to taste the menu. Last Sunday, I went to Lucky’s for brunch with Shane, Stella, and Markum. Shane and Markum were set on what they wanted to order. However Stella and I have the same foodie taste buds so we both couldn’t decide between savory or sweet for brunch. So to satisfy both of us, we each ordered a dish and the lovely staff at Lucky’s split both items, so each of us had both a tasty sweet and savory brunch. Stella is a great dining partner.

Who are your dining friends?


I’m a VIP – J.J.’s Gourmet Burgers -Tulsa, OK.

The city of Tulsa and I have a funny relationship, my goal was to always leave. But sometimes, you just can’t resist the blackhole like nature of Tulsa……it will always suck you back in.

I love food and to be honest there are not very many food places in Tulsa that are exceptional. There are some that are good and decent….but then again I may be biased. Today, I had the most magnificent eating experience ever.

To celebrate Mel’s farewell to Tulsa, Shane took us to J.J.’s Gourmet burgers. The thing about J.J.’s is that is only open Tuesday – Friday from 11-2. It’s really open when he wants to open and he only cooks 30 burgers so if you are number 31…you are out of luck..try again the next day.

When you walk into J.J. your bombarded with all sorts of things on the walls…it’s rather eclectic and there is a loop of awesome 80’s music playing. Jerry, the owner, who also served us, can also be heard singing to beat on occasion. The great thing about J.J.’s he only makes one thing: rib-eye burgers…served his way. Like the sign on the wall said…this isn’t Burger King…you can’t have it your way. You can choose the type of cheese and the side but that’s it.

The burgers were cooked to perfection. It was flavorful, juicy, and jut the right amount of pink. Be careful, if you are not prepared you will have a burger juice sliding down your arm. I had to plan how to eat my burger, because by the time, I had place the extras on it, it was quite large. I think I had about 3 tries until my burger successfully made it into my mouth. Whatever he put on your plate is what you got. There was fruit and veggies to go with the burger….it was a very colorful and appealing plate. You need to try the ice tea, the fruit and the mint leaves add a nice summer time quality to it, that takes it up a notch. I think I just have to let the pictures speak for themselves.

For some reason today, we got VIP cards…which entitles you to free appetizers and desert with a cute little cappuccino. I’m not real sure how you get one, but I did. If you are in Tulsa….you have to check this place out….but don’t bombard the place..or they might take away my VIP card. Also, when you visit, bring cash….it’s the only king of transaction that takes place here.

The rest is my photo essay of deliciousness….

My tea and appetizer

My plate

Shane’s plate. He had the baked beans with a rib on top. The beans were cooked beautifully and were sweet and slightly tangy.

My delicious burger

My dessert

Why I ♥ Oishii

On Valentine’s Day I gave Shane some coupons worth various things…and one of them was a night of Sushi and Saki. We both love sushi and I’m always trying to find new places but really nothing compares to Oishii. Maybe it’s because I have meet the owner and everyone who works there is really really nice. You kind of feel like a regular there, when you walk in.

After our disappointment at the Rusty Taco for lunch yesterday, I knew I would not leave unsatisfied at Oishii. The fish is so fresh…it’s ridculous! I will let the pictures speak for itself.

First we ordered Tuna Tataki….(everyone NEEDS to eat this. Please make sure you order it when you come to Oishii. If you are not a fan of spicy…then stay clear. It has a lot of kick but it’s all worth it.)

This is my new favorite roll: On the Border Roll: Salmon wrapped outside of a tempura roll topped with pico de gallo.

We also ordered some spicy tuna and the Oishii Roll.

We were both stuffed after the meal. It was so great. I LOVE Oishii. If you are in the neighborhood and want to have sushi…call me and I’ll be there in 10 min.

Memorial Day Weekend Picnic

To celebrate Memorial day and summer OP, Charlie, The Tanker, Sandy, Shane, and I decided to have a picnic. I used my handy, dandy tailgating grill (thanks Jen and Kent) to grill the sweet corn and brats. To replicate the greatness that is the gingerman, we used baguettes as our brats edible holder. The denseness of the baguette made it easier to eat the brats, with little to no spillage. The sautéed onions on top made enhanced the flavors of the brats. They were a great hit.

Since I don’t have proper AC at my house and this is sweaty Texas we all were wanting something refreshing for desert. I’m not sure who had the most brillant idea of snow cones. So to the thanks of Google Maps, we found TC shaved Ice. It’s a cute little shack that I pass on the way to work and I never notice it. It was so good. However, I had a brain malfunction. I saw the flavor Leche and thought it was Lychee because in Tagalog it is litsiyas. It looks nothing like it I know…but I really thought that is what it said. I read the word in my head and it sounded like it in my head. Any way, I had the Leche shaved ice. It was really tasty. I think next time I will get a small Tigerbood. A medium was way to big so I shared with WInston. He really liked it, and it was funny to see him crash after his sugar high.

My Leche Snowcone.

Operation 52.8 – Rusty Taco on Greenville.

I’ve heard things about how good the Rusty Taco actually is and by the evidence of cars and people visiting this eatery it seemed promising. Sandy, Shane, and I ventured forth into the world of Rusty Taco. On the way, I perused the menu. It seemed really promising. They covered the spectrum of proteins; including seafood, pork, beef, chicken, and vegetables. As usual, I could not decide what to get. However, I knew I was going to get the brisket tacos. Every time I eat brisket tacos I compare them to what I consider is the pinnacle, Avila’s brisket tacos.

When I finally decided, I chose to eat chips and guacamole, the brisket tacos, and the shrimp tacos. Unfortunately, the best item I ordered was the guacamole and the side of salsa verde that was provided. My shrimp tacos were decent, but nothing special and my brisket tacos were leaps and bounds behind Avila’s brisket tacos. First of all, the brisket itself did not have much flavor and my meat was cold! I’m hoping that’s the way they serve it, but it really doesn’t give it much flavor at all. I just do not understand why this place is so popular. Yes, you pay $2 for a taco, but they are tiny and lacking in filling. I had 2 tacos and I was still hungry (I had oatmeal for breakfast….that stuff is filling)

So I suppose if you in the neighborhood and the place isn’t busy, the Rusty taco “might be” the place for you. But be forewarned. In the words of Sandy “I am underwhelmed”. My sentiments exactly.

My shrimp tacos

My brisket tacos

However, this is the 3rd place in a row that has been a little disappointing. I’m hoping the next place bring us back to enjoying this quest….Operation 52 was not designed for disappointments.