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I’m a VIP – J.J.’s Gourmet Burgers -Tulsa, OK.

The city of Tulsa and I have a funny relationship, my goal was to always leave. But sometimes, you just can’t resist the blackhole like nature of Tulsa……it will always suck you back in.

I love food and to be honest there are not very many food places in Tulsa that are exceptional. There are some that are good and decent….but then again I may be biased. Today, I had the most magnificent eating experience ever.

To celebrate Mel’s farewell to Tulsa, Shane took us to J.J.’s Gourmet burgers. The thing about J.J.’s is that is only open Tuesday – Friday from 11-2. It’s really open when he wants to open and he only cooks 30 burgers so if you are number 31…you are out of luck..try again the next day.

When you walk into J.J. your bombarded with all sorts of things on the walls…it’s rather eclectic and there is a loop of awesome 80’s music playing. Jerry, the owner, who also served us, can also be heard singing to beat on occasion. The great thing about J.J.’s he only makes one thing: rib-eye burgers…served his way. Like the sign on the wall said…this isn’t Burger King…you can’t have it your way. You can choose the type of cheese and the side but that’s it.

The burgers were cooked to perfection. It was flavorful, juicy, and jut the right amount of pink. Be careful, if you are not prepared you will have a burger juice sliding down your arm. I had to plan how to eat my burger, because by the time, I had place the extras on it, it was quite large. I think I had about 3 tries until my burger successfully made it into my mouth. Whatever he put on your plate is what you got. There was fruit and veggies to go with the burger….it was a very colorful and appealing plate. You need to try the ice tea, the fruit and the mint leaves add a nice summer time quality to it, that takes it up a notch. I think I just have to let the pictures speak for themselves.

For some reason today, we got VIP cards…which entitles you to free appetizers and desert with a cute little cappuccino. I’m not real sure how you get one, but I did. If you are in Tulsa….you have to check this place out….but don’t bombard the place..or they might take away my VIP card. Also, when you visit, bring cash….it’s the only king of transaction that takes place here.

The rest is my photo essay of deliciousness….

My tea and appetizer

My plate

Shane’s plate. He had the baked beans with a rib on top. The beans were cooked beautifully and were sweet and slightly tangy.

My delicious burger

My dessert