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The importance of finding a good dining partner.

To me, eating is one of the most delectable things someone can do. It is a whole sensory experience…..it can be magical. In my opinion there are 2 types of dinners: people to share their food and want to taste what other people ordered and those who know what they want and they are not willing to share. I personally like diner number one. That’s why everyone needs to find a good dinning partner.

A good candidate for a good dining partner is someone that shares the same foodie taste and is willing to share or split a meal with you. When each of you order a meal and you split it, you can maximize your ability to taste the menu. Last Sunday, I went to Lucky’s for brunch with Shane, Stella, and Markum. Shane and Markum were set on what they wanted to order. However Stella and I have the same foodie taste buds so we both couldn’t decide between savory or sweet for brunch. So to satisfy both of us, we each ordered a dish and the lovely staff at Lucky’s split both items, so each of us had both a tasty sweet and savory brunch. Stella is a great dining partner.

Who are your dining friends?