Memories of Japan: Broken Arrow

If it were all possible, the Cabrera family would hold stock in Memories of Japan. It’s our go to eatery. Memories of Japan is a cute little sushi place in Broken Arrow. I can hear all you food skeptics…”good sushi in Broken Arrow, OK?!?!?!” My reply is “HECK YES”.

The sushi is really fresh and clean and just good. It’s not super spectacular but on a day you are craving some sushi and are on a limited budget…Memories of Japan is your best bet. I usually get the sushi, but I decided to get something new. I got the Unadon (Eel) with rice. I just got back for a floating/camping trip and I was really craving rice. I AM SO ASIAN! My eel was nicely scorched and had the lovely sweet sauce of the eel and seeped into the rice. It was tasty.

My great lunch


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