Coney I-lander

I know that high school was a long time ago for me, but how could I not remember the size of the hot dogs from Coney I-lander. Today, the Cabrera Kids needed to grab a quick lunch so we were in Oliver’s ‘hood by TU and Coney I-lander seemed to be a good choice.

I ordered a regular coney and a cheese coney, it has been over a decade since I have had one…and I couldn’t remember which one I preferred. I think I preferred a regular coney; the cheese coney had way to much cheese. I also prefer to add some spice on my coney, it was a little bland without it. I was also disappointed by the size of my coneys; however they did fill me up. So if you in Tulsa, at least check out the Coney I-lander, it’s been around since 1926. It’s a household name in Tulsa.


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