Operation 52.9 – MoMo’s Italian Restaurant

BREAKING NEWS!!! – Our ninth restaurant in our quest was NOT horrible. We are both hoping that this pattern of non-horrible food continues, or else this is going to be a really LONG quest.

We arrived around 1pm on a Sunday, I was a little concerned that no one was in the place….but as we turned the corner, the dining room continued and there were several tables filled. Then again, it was 1pm and it was so HOT outside. I think people are hiding for the sun. At least I try to as much as possible.

As many Italian restaurants do, MoMo served bread, but it wasn’t served with just oil; they had pesto. My guess is that this pesto was made with basil and parsley giving it a refreshing and light feel. The pesto was my favorite. My entree came with a salad, but to my chagrin it was lacking in seasoning, mostly salt. But It had pureed black olives which gave the salad a more earthy flavor. I ordered a angel hair pasta with shrimp in a garlic white wine sauce. I figured that that kind of sauce would be lighter than a cream sauce. Pasta does make me lethargic to begin with. My pasta was decent but it wasn’t anything special or spectacular. DISCLAIMER: Sandy loved her Ravioli!!!!!

I’m affraid that my pallet is getting jaded by the tasty food that I have encountered and I’m subconsciously using it as a standard, even though they are not the same cuisine. What do you guys think? How can I get over this suspected jadedness against food.



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