Why I ♥ Oishii

On Valentine’s Day I gave Shane some coupons worth various things…and one of them was a night of Sushi and Saki. We both love sushi and I’m always trying to find new places but really nothing compares to Oishii. Maybe it’s because I have meet the owner and everyone who works there is really really nice. You kind of feel like a regular there, when you walk in.

After our disappointment at the Rusty Taco for lunch yesterday, I knew I would not leave unsatisfied at Oishii. The fish is so fresh…it’s ridculous! I will let the pictures speak for itself.

First we ordered Tuna Tataki….(everyone NEEDS to eat this. Please make sure you order it when you come to Oishii. If you are not a fan of spicy…then stay clear. It has a lot of kick but it’s all worth it.)

This is my new favorite roll: On the Border Roll: Salmon wrapped outside of a tempura roll topped with pico de gallo.

We also ordered some spicy tuna and the Oishii Roll.

We were both stuffed after the meal. It was so great. I LOVE Oishii. If you are in the neighborhood and want to have sushi…call me and I’ll be there in 10 min.


2 responses to “Why I ♥ Oishii

  1. YES! Oishii is the bomb.com! and so cheap!

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