Memorial Day Weekend Picnic

To celebrate Memorial day and summer OP, Charlie, The Tanker, Sandy, Shane, and I decided to have a picnic. I used my handy, dandy tailgating grill (thanks Jen and Kent) to grill the sweet corn and brats. To replicate the greatness that is the gingerman, we used baguettes as our brats edible holder. The denseness of the baguette made it easier to eat the brats, with little to no spillage. The sautéed onions on top made enhanced the flavors of the brats. They were a great hit.

Since I don’t have proper AC at my house and this is sweaty Texas we all were wanting something refreshing for desert. I’m not sure who had the most brillant idea of snow cones. So to the thanks of Google Maps, we found TC shaved Ice. It’s a cute little shack that I pass on the way to work and I never notice it. It was so good. However, I had a brain malfunction. I saw the flavor Leche and thought it was Lychee because in Tagalog it is litsiyas. It looks nothing like it I know…but I really thought that is what it said. I read the word in my head and it sounded like it in my head. Any way, I had the Leche shaved ice. It was really tasty. I think next time I will get a small Tigerbood. A medium was way to big so I shared with WInston. He really liked it, and it was funny to see him crash after his sugar high.

My Leche Snowcone.


2 responses to “Memorial Day Weekend Picnic

  1. This sno-cone entry is killing me! i want one so bad…. Do you have a favorite sno-cone place in dallas???

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