Operation 52.8 – Rusty Taco on Greenville.

I’ve heard things about how good the Rusty Taco actually is and by the evidence of cars and people visiting this eatery it seemed promising. Sandy, Shane, and I ventured forth into the world of Rusty Taco. On the way, I perused the menu. It seemed really promising. They covered the spectrum of proteins; including seafood, pork, beef, chicken, and vegetables. As usual, I could not decide what to get. However, I knew I was going to get the brisket tacos. Every time I eat brisket tacos I compare them to what I consider is the pinnacle, Avila’s brisket tacos.

When I finally decided, I chose to eat chips and guacamole, the brisket tacos, and the shrimp tacos. Unfortunately, the best item I ordered was the guacamole and the side of salsa verde that was provided. My shrimp tacos were decent, but nothing special and my brisket tacos were leaps and bounds behind Avila’s brisket tacos. First of all, the brisket itself did not have much flavor and my meat was cold! I’m hoping that’s the way they serve it, but it really doesn’t give it much flavor at all. I just do not understand why this place is so popular. Yes, you pay $2 for a taco, but they are tiny and lacking in filling. I had 2 tacos and I was still hungry (I had oatmeal for breakfast….that stuff is filling)

So I suppose if you in the neighborhood and the place isn’t busy, the Rusty taco “might be” the place for you. But be forewarned. In the words of Sandy “I am underwhelmed”. My sentiments exactly.

My shrimp tacos

My brisket tacos

However, this is the 3rd place in a row that has been a little disappointing. I’m hoping the next place bring us back to enjoying this quest….Operation 52 was not designed for disappointments.


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