Operation 52.7 – Pinkberry

Ever since I saw the Pinkberry American Express commercial years ago, I was curious what it was all about. But mainly, it was because they were Asians and you really didn’t see Asians on TV back then. I have driven by the Pinkberry on Blackburn so many times, but haven’t stopped; mainly it’s due to parking. I hate parking over there. But I digress. Pinkberry was our second stop on Sunday afternoon.

To my dismay, they only had 6 flavors. Yogurtville has SO many more flavors. Yogurtville 1 Pinkberry 0. The toppings were decent…but then again Yogurtville has more. Yogurtville 2 Pinkberry 0. I choose the chocolate flavored yogurt topped with fresh fruit. I’m not saying it was gross….I’m just saying that if you look at the score board, yogurtville is the winner!


2 responses to “Operation 52.7 – Pinkberry

  1. You should try Cassie’s on main street in Grapevine, and don’t forget YogurtZone on McArthur in Irving!!

    Cassie’s is great, 50 cent soft drinks, and Red Velvet Cake yogurt that is to die for!

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