Operation 52.6 – Sushi on McKinney

Today was a double header. Unfortunately, they were both disappointing. Today, Sandy and I ventured out without a clear plan; that was our first mistake. You always need to do your research; lesson learned today. Our first choice was a bust, so we spotted Sushi on McKinney. The restaurant itself was rather quiet for a Sunday afternoon (first clue). There was a lot to choose from but as we perused there wasn’t much that jumped out us.

We ordered the soft shell crab, some tempura, the spicy tuna roll, and the yellow tail roll. The yellow tail roll had a nice clean flavor but nothing else was there. There was no layering of flavor; it was kind of sad. The spicy tuna was not spicy at all. We were hoping that they gave us the regular tuna instead of the spicy. But Sandy and I are not big complainers, so we just ate it. The tempura was decent. The peice of tempura calamari was really thick and tough. The soft shell crab was okay, but they looked like tiny baby crabs. All in all, it was not spectacular. The sushi may have been a tiny bit grocery store sushi. However, at the grocery store the sushi has flavor. So it’s a toss up.

I also did NOT get any pictures of the food. WHAT?!?!? Yup…I didn’t. That means that it really wasn’t all that good. I don’t recommend this place. I’m hoping that we just ordered the wrong thing. But I don’t think I will be coming back there any time soon.


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