I ♥ Texas BBQ

I have been craving BBQ for weeks now. I could have made it myself, but there is something about getting it BBQ from a shack it makes it taste better. There is a BBQ shack close to my house, but it’s only open from 11am-4pm. You know it has to be good, when they are only open for 5 hours.

My cravings were satisfied yesterday. Georgia and I ventured to Oak Cliff to Smokey Joe’s. It is a small store front, with no tables. It is all take away BBQ. You have to come early in the evening, if not, you will be standing in line for about a hour. It is that good! When you walk into the place, it is hot and the smell of smoked BBQ engulfs you. My mouth was watering and my stomach was growling as I entered the place.

I ordered the rib and links BBQ sandwich. It is GIANORMOUS! I couldn’t eat all of it. I will let the pictures speak for itself. If you are headed south on 35 for some reason. I highly suggest you stop at Smokey Joe’s. It’s is right off the highway, but be careful because it is so easy to miss.


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