Tofu….it is tasty…TRUST ME!

Tofu gets such a bad rap. You either like it or your don’t. So i’m hoping that this blog will help you change your mind regarding your distain for such a nutrient food product. Tofu has no taste and will take the flavor of what you are cooking it with. So basically it is the most versatile food on the planet.

Today I was really hungry and my refrigerator was lacking in supplies. SHOCKING….I know. It’s usually packed with tasty goodness. SO I rummaged around and found bell peppers, tofu, and mushrooms. I always have an abundance of the staples; onions and garlic. I was set to make a tasty tofu stir fry. This meal takes less time to make than cooking 2 cups of rice in a rice cooker. All you do is chop, dump and add some oyster sauce and thin it out with water. Today, I wanted to add a little kick in my meal so I added some ground red pepper.

If you are still doubtful…come over I still have left overs.


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