Operation 52.4 – Social Bakery

Sandy and I decided that our quest of Dallas eateries should include bakeries, coffee houses, and all other places were food is sold. One Saturday, Sandy and I tried Social Bakery on Greenville. As soon as you walk into the bakery, you are greeted by the enticing smells of baked goods and a store front decorated like a retro kitchen, which I really enjoyed. All I remember seeing was a lot of pink. I really like pink, it makes me happy.

When arrived after lunch, but the selection was very picked over. I was happy to see that there was 3 remaining red velvet cupcakes left. As it is my favorite, I could not resist but buy one; even if I was really full. Out of the 3 that were left, there was only one that was still standing upright. I was hoping that the man behind the counter would give me that one. He did. My ESP powers must have been on target that day.

I was so excited to eat my cupcake. I made a lovely cupcake sandwich; by taking off the icing and placing in between the 2 cut halves of the cupcake. Unfortunately, the icing was way to sweet for my taste and I was highly disappointed.


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