Boomerang Pies via Whole Foods

There is a whole foods literally walking distance from my house. Sometimes I go in and just look and usually I find something delectable. I remember seeing some curry vegetable pies in their ready to eat section. They looked oddly like an Aussie Pie.

I love Aussie Pies. I remember when my mom would buy them by the case. They are so tasty. Please excuse my tangential nature today. I found a and mushroom pie that had a very familiar outer crust. As I picked it up, the packaging opened and the pie fell on the floor. I had a little conversation in my head, do I put it back or do I tell the whole foods works. I know, it’s bad; but I was super embarrassed.

I did let the whole foods staff know that I dropped it on the floor and they were very accommodating. I used this embarrassing moment and made the best of it and chatted with the lady at the counter. She told me who the vender was and printed me out their information from their website; which is way more than she needed to do. I love random acts of kindness.

So I found out, that there is this vender called Boomerang’s Gourmet Veggie and Meat Pies. They are housed in Austin and they have a food truck…SCORE!!! Who doesn’t eating from food truck. If anyone has had a Boomerang Pie in Austin, please let me know. I’m definitely going to plan a trip to Austin this summer.

Please enjoy my Spinach and Mushroom Pie. I surely did.

I loved the flaky crust but it kind of exploded. I got a little excited about eating it and I wasn’t strategically careful of where I was cutting into it……OOPS 🙂


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