Operation 52.2 – Bolsa

In the historic Oak Cliff, Bolsa is housed in an old garage. As it was sunday, I forgot that most places serve brunch. I’m a big fan of brunch and I was interested to see what they had to offer. One of the nice things about Bolsa is that the tables were really close to each other; there was probably a 12 inch space between them. I had a lovely chat with the lady at the next table.

Sandy and I got out of church late, and there was traffic on 30, we were starving. I also didn’t get up early enough to have breakfast. So instead of getting a lovely brunch type food, I decided to get the Bolsa Burger. I was so excited to eat that I forgot to read further down the description of the burger. When I received my giant portion of burger, greens, and chips; I was surprised to find out that it had bacon on it. I promptly removed the bacon and commenced my consumption of the deliciousness. I was a little concerned about the fried egg in the burger. I just didn’t know the consistency of the yoke. I had to prepare myself, if there would be yellow yoke dripping down my arm. My clothes were thankful that the yoke was fully cooked, so there was no dripping of yoke. The meal was so massive, that I only ate half and took the rest home.

Another cool thing about Bolsa is that every first sunday of the month Bolsa holds a farmers market. They sell speciality gourmet items and locally grown produce. I haven’t checked it out yet, but I will report my findings. I do love farmers markets.


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