Bread….Who doesn’t love it?

For those who are on a low carb diet…this post is not for you. I personally love carbs. I carve them around 2:30 pm everyday. I try to tame the cravings with a piece of fruit or maybe some string cheese. But it just doesn’t cut it. So I go into my drawer of snacks at work and go for the animal crackers. YUP! I said animal crackers. So you are thinking to yourself, animal crackers really have not flavor. You are correct! I need carbs so badly; I would prefer flavorless crackers over nature’s candy, a piece of fruit.

Since I have established my love of carbs. Last Thursday, I went to Eatzi’s to pick up some dinner. That place can be overstimulating with the vast variety of food. I found the mini baguette bin. To my surprise, they had a garlic rosemary baguette. Oh it tasted like a spring loaf of bread. I could only imagine how tasty that mini baguette would be if I had eaten it straight from the oven. There is something about rosemary that reminds me of spring time. Perhaps it’s the fact that rosemary smells like a tree.

Everyone needs to make a visit to Eatzi’s and grab some bread. Everyone needs carbs!


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