Operation 52.1 – Sushi Axiom

Last Thursday….was a pretty crazy day at work. But then again, it’s spring semester; so you have just got to get used to the crazy! Sandy and I had planned to begin our quest for fantatasic food, after my class. I got a lovely surprise, I found out that class was cancelled, so that means I got to eat earlier. As many of you know, I get a little “cranky” when I get to hungry.

We were having trouble deciding where to eat dinner; it had to be new but also close. WE were both STARVING! So Sandy came up with a great idea. Each Sunday after church, we pass Sushi Axiom but it’s always closed. So we decided to eat there. It was a great call.

But here’s the tricky thing about sushi restaurants. Each place has similar names for things, but they always do it a little different. For starters Sandy and I ordered the tempura tofu with ginger & light soy sauce and the squid salad with creamy ponzu sauce. The tofu was sweet with the slight heat of the ginger. It was surprisingly light and very addictive. The squid salad complemented the tofu, and we didn’t even know it when we ordered it. The squid salad had a subtle back of your pallet hint of ginger.

Following our appetizer, we had one of my favorites, the spider roll. Who doesn’t love soft shell crab?!?!? We also had the Tower of Pisa…aka..their version of the ahi tuna tower. I really appreciate that restaurants make their food appealing. This tower of pisa really did it. It was the most gorgeous plate of food I have ever seen. It was quite tasty. The pictures speak for themselves. I highly recommend that everyone visit this place. Also if you sit outside, you can enjoy the people watching.


4 responses to “Operation 52.1 – Sushi Axiom

  1. Next time you go there, get the snow white roll and some lychee sake. So dang good!

  2. That sounds like a great summer treat!

  3. Hehe didn’t realise you had a food blog. The food looks so good and makes me feel hungry. Yum for the tofu….and I’m not a fan of seafood though.

  4. Be sure to come on Fridays! I dj every friday from 8-11!

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