Petrol Station Cuisine

When you think of gas station cuisine…you think of slim jims, soda fountain drinks, and candy; all things that are not so good for you. Sandy told me about this fantastic taco place at the back of the Green Spot Gas station. Good 2 Go Taco is worth your while.

Shane and I meet Sandy at 11:15. We realized that they didn’t start serving lunch until 12:15. So we hung out at the petrol station watching various people go by and do the same thing we were doing. By 11:45, I could smell the marinated flank stake sizzling in the kitchen. There wasn’t a menu out yet, but all I knew is that I was getting whatever taco had the flank steak in it. I really didn’t care what else was in it.

The line started forming at noon. It was crazy! It seemed to be that this place had a homing device that told people it was time for tacos! It was a saturday and we decided to wait until the line died down a bit. Not a wise choice, people kept coming. The hunger pains we growing to indescribable proportions, which was only exacerbated by the wafting smell of deliciousness coming from the back of the kitchen.

We decided to hop in line. The line moved like a well oiled machine. You place your order from the 4 choices given and you receive a card with a number and a picture of an object and the word in Spanish. So as you wait you can learn Spanish. When you get your tacos you pay for them at the front of the gas station. Then it is time to sit and enjoy the deliciousness.

As many of you know, I like to talk and eat. So these two things usually go hand in hand. However on Saturday, I ATE IN SILENCE! There was no time for talking all I could do was savor each scrumptious bite and discover new flavors. I had the Paris, TX taco and the Italia Taco. The Paris consisted of grilled flank steak, eggs, spinach, hash potatoes, and hollandaise. It was perfection! Each bite seemed better then the next. My mouth waters just thinking of eating this taco; which is funny because I am stuffed from my Easter lunch. On to the Italia. It isn’t second best, it’s just as good. The Italia consisted of spaghetti squash, asparagus, tomato, mozzarella, and cilantro pesto. These were two totally different tacos but oh so satisfying.

I NEED EVERYONE TO EAT AT GOOD 2 GO TACO! However, they only serve lunch from 12:15 – 3 pm. You gotta get there and expect lines to form. I suggest you get there before the episode of the Best Thing I Ever Ate airs. It will become pass chaos. If you are in the neighborhood, give me a call and I will definitely meet you there for some excellent tacos.
The Paris, TX

The Italia


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