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Boomerang Pies via Whole Foods

There is a whole foods literally walking distance from my house. Sometimes I go in and just look and usually I find something delectable. I remember seeing some curry vegetable pies in their ready to eat section. They looked oddly like an Aussie Pie.

I love Aussie Pies. I remember when my mom would buy them by the case. They are so tasty. Please excuse my tangential nature today. I found a and mushroom pie that had a very familiar outer crust. As I picked it up, the packaging opened and the pie fell on the floor. I had a little conversation in my head, do I put it back or do I tell the whole foods works. I know, it’s bad; but I was super embarrassed.

I did let the whole foods staff know that I dropped it on the floor and they were very accommodating. I used this embarrassing moment and made the best of it and chatted with the lady at the counter. She told me who the vender was and printed me out their information from their website; which is way more than she needed to do. I love random acts of kindness.

So I found out, that there is this vender called Boomerang’s Gourmet Veggie and Meat Pies. They are housed in Austin and they have a food truck…SCORE!!! Who doesn’t eating from food truck. If anyone has had a Boomerang Pie in Austin, please let me know. I’m definitely going to plan a trip to Austin this summer.

Please enjoy my Spinach and Mushroom Pie. I surely did.

I loved the flaky crust but it kind of exploded. I got a little excited about eating it and I wasn’t strategically careful of where I was cutting into it……OOPS 🙂


Operation 52.2 – Bolsa

In the historic Oak Cliff, Bolsa is housed in an old garage. As it was sunday, I forgot that most places serve brunch. I’m a big fan of brunch and I was interested to see what they had to offer. One of the nice things about Bolsa is that the tables were really close to each other; there was probably a 12 inch space between them. I had a lovely chat with the lady at the next table.

Sandy and I got out of church late, and there was traffic on 30, we were starving. I also didn’t get up early enough to have breakfast. So instead of getting a lovely brunch type food, I decided to get the Bolsa Burger. I was so excited to eat that I forgot to read further down the description of the burger. When I received my giant portion of burger, greens, and chips; I was surprised to find out that it had bacon on it. I promptly removed the bacon and commenced my consumption of the deliciousness. I was a little concerned about the fried egg in the burger. I just didn’t know the consistency of the yoke. I had to prepare myself, if there would be yellow yoke dripping down my arm. My clothes were thankful that the yoke was fully cooked, so there was no dripping of yoke. The meal was so massive, that I only ate half and took the rest home.

Another cool thing about Bolsa is that every first sunday of the month Bolsa holds a farmers market. They sell speciality gourmet items and locally grown produce. I haven’t checked it out yet, but I will report my findings. I do love farmers markets.

Biscuits the size of your hand

On Saturday some of my friends and I walked the Susan G Koman race for the cure in Ft. Worth. It was way to early and we were motivated by the anticipation of eating biscuits the size of your hand. Yup…I guess it is true…Everything is BIG in Texas.

We all ate at the Dixie cafe. It was great food, but I just couldn’t get over the size of the biscuit. I couldn’t eat all of my biscuit, even though I really wanted to. I tried it with all the possible topping combinations: gravy, jam, and butter. I did not even touch the pancake. At this place you do get your money’s worth of food and then some.

Bread….Who doesn’t love it?

For those who are on a low carb diet…this post is not for you. I personally love carbs. I carve them around 2:30 pm everyday. I try to tame the cravings with a piece of fruit or maybe some string cheese. But it just doesn’t cut it. So I go into my drawer of snacks at work and go for the animal crackers. YUP! I said animal crackers. So you are thinking to yourself, animal crackers really have not flavor. You are correct! I need carbs so badly; I would prefer flavorless crackers over nature’s candy, a piece of fruit.

Since I have established my love of carbs. Last Thursday, I went to Eatzi’s to pick up some dinner. That place can be overstimulating with the vast variety of food. I found the mini baguette bin. To my surprise, they had a garlic rosemary baguette. Oh it tasted like a spring loaf of bread. I could only imagine how tasty that mini baguette would be if I had eaten it straight from the oven. There is something about rosemary that reminds me of spring time. Perhaps it’s the fact that rosemary smells like a tree.

Everyone needs to make a visit to Eatzi’s and grab some bread. Everyone needs carbs!

Operation 52.1 – Sushi Axiom

Last Thursday….was a pretty crazy day at work. But then again, it’s spring semester; so you have just got to get used to the crazy! Sandy and I had planned to begin our quest for fantatasic food, after my class. I got a lovely surprise, I found out that class was cancelled, so that means I got to eat earlier. As many of you know, I get a little “cranky” when I get to hungry.

We were having trouble deciding where to eat dinner; it had to be new but also close. WE were both STARVING! So Sandy came up with a great idea. Each Sunday after church, we pass Sushi Axiom but it’s always closed. So we decided to eat there. It was a great call.

But here’s the tricky thing about sushi restaurants. Each place has similar names for things, but they always do it a little different. For starters Sandy and I ordered the tempura tofu with ginger & light soy sauce and the squid salad with creamy ponzu sauce. The tofu was sweet with the slight heat of the ginger. It was surprisingly light and very addictive. The squid salad complemented the tofu, and we didn’t even know it when we ordered it. The squid salad had a subtle back of your pallet hint of ginger.

Following our appetizer, we had one of my favorites, the spider roll. Who doesn’t love soft shell crab?!?!? We also had the Tower of Pisa…aka..their version of the ahi tuna tower. I really appreciate that restaurants make their food appealing. This tower of pisa really did it. It was the most gorgeous plate of food I have ever seen. It was quite tasty. The pictures speak for themselves. I highly recommend that everyone visit this place. Also if you sit outside, you can enjoy the people watching.

Everyone needs a turbo!

Today was a really long day at work. It was 4 against 1 today. Which really means 40 against 1. I was super tired. But I couldn’t stay at home to relax. I had to take the dog to the vet. So by the time I got home I was ravenous. I had thawed out some short ribs and had planned to cook adobo with them. But as stated earlier, the kitchen was sweaty hot. So I decided to make have a salad and cook the short ribs in the turbo.

A Turbo is an compact Asian convection oven. You can literally cook anything in there. I heard you can cook cookies in there. I haven’t tried it yet. But I’m sure it true. It’s great, it can cut the cooking time in half. This is especially helpful when you are super hungry.

So my rub consisted of garlic powder, salt, pepper, red pepper, and a splash of worcestershire sauce. It was SOOOO yummy! It really didn’t need any extra sauce. All this was done in less than 20 min. See everyone can cook. You should try it.

Let me know what you guys cook. Happy cooking!!! 🙂

Guacamole can’t be problematic!

It is getting warmer and warmer here in Texas. That means, cooking in my kitchen can become an inferno due to no central air. I had a great day off or semi production. I had a late lunch and was not really interested in eating something heavy for dinner. So I decided to make some guacamole to go with my mojito. I can’t let limes go to waste.

Last week I had bought some avocados; some were ready and some were not. i couldn’t wait any longer so I decided to mixed the ripe and unripe avocados together. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a masher so I just got right down to it and used my hands. It was not working. My patience was wearing thin and I was getting hungry. Then EUREKA! I can use my new food processor. I stuffed all my ingredients in the food processor and pressed pulse. If you are the type of person that likes uniformity then making guacamole in a food processor might be your bag. I could care less. Either way, I had a very tasty dinner of guacamole and chips.

Me posing with my new food processor

The final product