Please excuse the wine

On Saturday night, my friend Krystal and I went to Vino 100. It’s a great wine bar on McKinney. All their wines are $25 or less a bottle. I am no expert on wine, but I do know what I like. At Vino 100, they change out wines constantly and we couldn’t remember what we had last time, it was either from Chile or Argentina. But either way it was not there.

The first wine we had was great. But the second one not so much! I appreciate the accent of a woodsy flavor, but the wine we had smelled like a wet, damp, wooded area that had stagnate water sitting there for a while. Oh it was disgusting. I know that taste is connected to smell, so each time you took a sip, it was a lemon like citrus taste trying to mask that woodsy smell.

If you like this wine, we will have to agree to disagree.


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