Butter makes it better.

Yummm….Butter!! It always makes things taste better. Tonight for dinner I had ravioli and made a velvety sauce a la Mel Mel’s recipe calls for 3; that’s right, 3, ingredients! They are whole tomatoes, butter and onions. I decided to add garlic, oregano, and ground red pepper. I like my sauces to have a little kick, hence the red pepper. The star of this dish is definitely the butter. It made the sauce creamy and oh so smooth. I made a whole pot full. I’m so excited to use it for left overs.

This dish is so easy! Anyone can do it. It can be done in 2o minutes tops, and that’s even if you are a super slow onion chopper and get distracted by other things that are going on. I hope everyone tries out this tasty sauce recipe, because nothing satisfies like a home cooked meal. Also, don’t forget to thank Mel for sharing. She is superfantastic!


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