A Sunday afternoon on Henderson

Today was a a great day a little chilly but the sun was out. Unfortunately, those pesky things called clouds created a barrier between me and my glorious sun. Sandy and I were driving down Henderson looking for eateries, when I was distracted by the various funky furniture sitting outside the various consignment stores. I really loved ART is ART. There were so many things that I wanted to buy to furnish my home. I will return to stimulate the economy and probably by the utensils pictured below.

On to food, both of us were so hungry. I didn’t have breakfast, because I woke up late and was too busy playing words with friends, which is a truly addictive game. We decided to try the Hacienda on Henderson. The salsa was light and really spicy. It had a clean taste and complimented the lightness of their tortilla chip. I ordered the braised short rib tacos. The menu described the dish as a succulent & tender shredded short ribs with ancho sauce. The pork was well seasoned and did live up to the description of succulent and tender. I could have had the pork by itself. However, when placed on a corn tortilla and combined with rice, rancho beans, and salsa; it was amazing. There was delightful balance of flavors. However, it can get messy when you are eating. Sauce and pork juice ran down my hand as I took each bite.

Aren’t these utensils cute?


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