Mediterranean in the ‘burbs.

On Thursday, my class got cancelled so I decided to go to borders and check out some books. It was a treat to see Hannah there and she was able to take off early and have dinner with me. We were in that new Allen shopping / eating complex that is similar to the west village in Dallas and the shops of Legacy in Plano.

We decided to be adventurous with food and eat somewhere we had never been before, even though we had decided to eat somewhere else. Terra Mediterranean Grill was our choice. The restaurant was empty maybe 2-3 tables were being used when we went it. That could have been a clue. I’m not saying that the food was terrible. I just saying, it was not great. Unfortunately, there was no happy food dance at this table. I chose the lamb kabob. Where can you go wrong with a lamb kabob. To be honest, the lamb was lacking in seasoning, more than just salt and pepper. However, the rice with saffron was really tasty. I really don’t want to out this restaurant on the black list, maybe I just ordered the wrong thing. I can hope. Baklava was really tasty. It was sweet but not too sweet. Overall, it wasn’t bad. But I think that I would rather prefer to eat at Fadi’s. Sorry’s the truth.


2 responses to “Mediterranean in the ‘burbs.

  1. It’s hard to beat Fadi’s. Greek food must be hard to do right- the greek place I tried here was greasy and over salted.

  2. Oh that’s sad day 😦 Shall we make a Fadi’s date when you come down to Dallas?

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