Brats and Beer

Who doesn’t like a Bratwurst? Every now and again…I just have a craving for one. But you can’t just eat a Bratwurst by itself or with some water, you MUST have beer! Shane and I share a love for Brats. So where else should we spend actual Valentine’s Day?!?! Well at the Gingerman of course. The Gingerman is a great pub. It has over a 100 different types of beer and the food is really tasty bar food. An added bonus, you can bring dogs out in the patio.

On a blustering Sunday afternoon, Shane and I decided to take the dog to the Gingerman and meet my sister and brother-in-law and their new puppy. We were the only crazy people outside, huddled under a heat lamp. I would like to state, that the heat lamp was virtually useless as the wind was blowing the emitted heat away from us. My sister’s puppy tried to play with my dog, but he wanted nothing to do with him.

However, the main event was the beer and the brats. Even though there was a little ordering situation…we were just hungry and decisions were made incorrectly. There was a perfect harmony between the brats and beer…so delicious! You could eat each component of this meal individually, but it best works when you make a perfect bite including all elements. The perfect bite is constructed by using a piece of Bratwurst as a foundation. Next, smearing a liberal layer of mustard. Finally, adding the onions and sauer kraut on the top. This meal may be small, but can quench a craving instantly.

You should visit the Gingerman


One response to “Brats and Beer

  1. Whoa, that sounds delicious!

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