Fancy meal without the fuss.

This past weekend has been a delightful food journey. Valentines day is usually devoted to eating out. As I love cooking, I decided to cook Shane and I a fancy meal. It was really easy with some help from the grocery store. I planned to make Brown sugar glazed lamb chops over couscous with asparagus.

With the rub liberally placed on all sides of the lamb chops, which set for an hour; it’s time to grill. I don’t have a grill, so I pan fried them. However, my stove is a little wonky and the burner does not heat evenly, and therefore, it got a little smokey in the kitchen. Did I mention that I don’t have a vent in my kitchen and there was a ton of smoke. Shane had to open the back door and he said that he could see bellows of smoke flowing towards the door.

I”m all about making things form scratch but sometimes it is nice to get the help every once and a while. So I bought some couscous in a box. Instead of using water, I used chicken stock, which made it flavorful. A simple blanch of asparagus, then you are set. You have a fancy meal with the actual cooking time of less than 30 min.

Fanciness is all about presentation. You need to make food look pretty and appetizing.


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