The journey to Dairy-ette

What do you do on a cloudy Sunday afternoon?  Watch endless episodes of food porn.  What did people do without the travel channel or the food network.  I usually get hungry watching these shows…but today it was the driving force in finding this lovely diner place called Dairy-ette.

Dairy-ette is a cozy diner in East Dallas.  It has been in exsitance since 1958.  You know it’s good when it has lasted that long.  You can sit in a booth or at the bar.  You can also take your order home from the car hop.  The best part of Dairy-ette is thier homemade Rootbeer served in a frosty mug.  However, the burgers are simple and fantastic, along with their onion rings and french fries.  Unfortunately I was way to full to enjoy a rootbeer float…But I will return for that.

They are certain you will love the Rootbeer so much, that you can take a gallon home with you. You need to bring cash because that is all they take, or you might find yourself in a precarious situation.


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